Vertigo 1.0

Vertigo is designed to work in any workspaces and it is flexible enough for the users to adapt the worksurface height to their needs instantly. Vertigo can be used as a freestanding or panelbased work environment and with its sit-to-stand concept, it can be used seated one minute, then raised to create a standing meeting place or to simply change posture the next. 

20190415_142753web.jpg Vertigo can be adjusted single-handedly to any height on the fly, easily going from seated to standing, and back again.

Simply press the + or - button on the control panel located at the bottom edge of the worksurface to raise or lower the height of the worksurface. The control panel has a display for height read-out and memory to store favourite positions.
A retractable handle for manual cranking of the table top height.

Motorized: Table top's height can be adjusted from 620-1200mm.
Handcrank: Table top's height can be adjusted from 680-980mm.

The motorized lifting mechanism can lift up to 120kg of table top weight.
The lifting column is equipped with an anti-collision technology to halt and reverse the table top for any detected obstruction underneath or above the work surface.