Vertigo 2.0

Vertigo 2.0 is an extension of our Vertigo family of height adjustable, sit-to-stand table solutions. We created Vertigo 2.0 with a simple and modern design of rectangular columns made from mild steel. The range features workstations with dual motors to drive the work desk as well as a privacy screen, allowing independent movement of the panels to allow employees privacy whether standing or sitting.
height adjust table speed


Fast adjustment

Table can be adjusted from the sitting position (620mm) to standing position (1200mm) in merely 15 seconds.



Programmable Control Panel

Simply press the up or down button on the control panel located at the bottom edge of the worksurface to raise or lower the height of the worksurface. The control panel has a display for height read-out and memory to store favourite positions.

height adjust table panel




Anti-Collision System

The lifting column is equipped with an anti-collision technology to halt and reverse the table top for any detected obstruction underneath or above the work surface.

NOT DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN. This product is not intended for children to use and is not child friendly. Please take extra precautions if you have children around to ensure there are no children below the table and electrical components are handled by adults only.



5-Year Warranty

All our Vertigo 2.0 Sit-to-Stand tables are warranted with 5-year warranty.