Decibel 43

Making Work Sound Better

The Decibel program began as an experimental project with a directive to explore how sound attenuation properties could be achieved within thin structural panels.

Since then we have embarked on a journey of design trials and numerous prototype tests to fine-tune the narrative and application of this product. This system was designed with architects and space planners in mind, to offer them the flexibility to plan large open spaces with acoustic privacy and the tools to personalise the system, so that their project could have its own unique look. As its chief function is to create acoustic comfort, we named the system Decibel, the unit for measuring sound.

Decibel 43 seamlessly combines furniture and Micro-Architecture. The elements create versatile space division and enclosures while keeping the overall feel of an open and social environment. They are designed to work together individually and collectively to create practical spatial concepts for group collaboration and individual privacy to optimise your office’s productivity and creativity.

Led by purpose, backed by research, and driven by design, Decibel 43 will help you design great spaces so that we can work better.



Callpod in blue fabric in a cafeteria area

Ambient Lighting & Ventilation

Callpod is integrated with ambient lighting in the ceiling that provides soothing effect to the overall ambience. It is equipped with a standard ventilation system as well and additional inlets can be provided for air conditioned hose integration.


ambient lighting inside the Callpod
acoustic fabric panel certified

Acoustic Certified

Each Callpod is tested according to international specifications to provide high noise absorption and acoustic performance.



Tempered Glass Door

The glass door is made of hardened glass that can withstand high traffic usage. Lamination is optional for better privacy.


hardened glass
integrated power and data

Integrated Power & Data

Power & data socket is available within the Call Pod for pluggin in the laptop or mobile phone.



High Quality Fittings

The door knob and hinges are made of highly precision machined aluminium. The hinges allows 180 degree opening.


closeup of knob and hinge
mobile acoustic pods in library

Seatpod Mobile

Seatpod is now redesigned with added heavy duty castors and tablet to provide user with improved mobility and functionality. The seatpod allows user to sit comfortably on our PU foam padded seat while having their own space and privacy.


Close-up arm of Soul office chair in blue seat.
Close-up lumbar of Soul office chair in mesh back.

Workpod Mobile

If the user prefer to have a desk option, they can choose to work with the Workpod Mobile and move the pod to any preferred location.



The Team

I believe that design should elicit emotion and showcase an object’s application, materiality, engineering, and most importantly, its function and how it optimizes the overall user experience.
Good design is intelligence and diligence made visible. The Decibel program aims to influence the idea of space planning with a user centric approach.

Aditya Vernekar
Senior Industrial Designer
Hazman Amin
Industrial Designer
Lai Quo Yow
Industrial Designer
Khairul Hazman
Industrial Designer