Comcon R2.4 Comcon R2.4
Comcon R2.4 (1) Comcon R2.4 (1)
Comcon R2.4B Comcon R2.4B
Comcon R2.4C Comcon R2.4C
Comcon R2.4D Comcon R2.4D

In pursuit of perfection, Bristol reveals the latest and ultimate open plan office system series - Comcon R2.4

Where imagination is turned into reality, Comcon R2.4 is aimed to create the most ideal working environment, offering more features, increasing flexibility and using its versatile modularity to complement continuous improvement and changes required in today's corporate entity.


ComCon R2.4 reconfiguration

This video shows how easy R2.4 can be reconfigured to fit more users.


Variety tiles are available for for different functional needs.This system  features : clear glass tile for visibility; white board tile for marking notes; rail tiles for flexible attachment of accessories; and fabric.


Stackable or add-on approach has made panel height adjustment possible in the shortest time. Highest specification material is used for enhancement in panel vertical and horizontal strength. Rigidity and stability are the system core features.


COM-CON R2.2 provides spacious internal compartments for discreet placement of multilevel conduit. Horizontal rail and bridges are provided to support data, voice and power branching equipment