Presa V2 Chair

People of all shapes and sizes crave support, movement and a sense of well-being while sitting at their desks. With the introduction of Presa, Bristol reveals a new direction in mid-price seating. A direction that combines contemporary design with superior comfort. A direction that unites simplicity with high-performing functionality.

The combination of minimal material usage, maximum transparency and optimum comfort in terms of support and movement turned Presa into a leading example of a new office chair generation.


Flexible choices

The spacious and comfortable seat upholstery adapt to different body shapes. And the high quality backrest netting allows air to circulate and supports you in any posture, so the chair feels pleasant. The harmonious and durable design of Presa makes it an ergonomic office chair for any demands that integrates with any backdrop. Presa chair is part of the Seating Array collection where user has the option to choose different type of armrest, mechanism and base.

Top view of presa v2 chairs beside workstation
Armrest adjustment

Allow user to adjust the armrests to desirable position.

Armrest 4D adjustment

Grasp the armrests and adjust up-or-down, forward backward or desired angle.

Seat depth adjustment

To move forward or backward, remain seated, press the lever up and slide.

Tilt limiter

Push the lever in / pull out the lever to lock / unlock the tilting mechanism


Presa Soul armrest
  • Armrest up-or-down adjustment
  • Plastic or PU armpad
Saya armrest
  • Armrest up-or-down adjustment
  • Plastic armpad
Saya Soul armrest
  • Armrest up-or-down forward backward, angle adjustment
  • PU armpad
Team CT armrest
  • Armrest up-or-down adjustment
  • Paired with CT100 mechanism
Lexa armrest
  • Fixed plastic


Flat seat
  • fabric, PVC
Bucket seat
  • leather


2013 mechanism 
  • Single locking
  • Seat depth adjustment
KT mechanism
  • 4 locking
  • Seat depth adjustment
CT100 mechanism
  • Single locking
  • Fixed Seat depth

Lumbar Support

Presa chair nylon lumbar in black colour
Plastic Lumbar Support
  • With plastic pad

Presav2 User Manual PDF (4.69 MB)