Kaya Chair

Office work is on the move and requires a high level of flexibility – in terms of interiors, application concepts, processes and people. The most effective solution is a task chair that is ergonomically correct for every user. One that can be operated intuitively and conveniently while the user remains seated.

The calm, understated design ensures that Kaya is a perfect fit in any environment too. Not only office staff, company doctors and facility managers will welcome Kaya, but also design consultants and specifiers. A perfect synthesis of healthy sitting and aesthetic excellence.

Close-up of the arm of a Kaya office chair. Armrest forward backward adjustment

Hold and slide the
armrests forward or backward to desirable position.
Side view of the arm of a Kaya office chair. Armrest height adjustment

Lift the lever under the side of the armrests to adjust the armrests to desirable height.
Close-up of the headrest of Kaya office chair. Headrest height adjustment

Grasp the headrest and move up or down to adjust height and rotate to adjust the angle.
Close-up of the flat seat of Kaya office chair. Sliding Seat

To move forward or backward, remain seated,
lift the back lever up and slide the seat.