Modu Sofa

Modu is designed as a modular soft seating system which can be combined to create dynamic and informal meeting spaces that facilitate communication between teams. With open plan offices, there is a growing need for more communication amongst different teams at work as well as a place to be alone and relax.

This transformation of the office into a multi-purpose work and living space requires more flexible, warmer or softer spatial designs and furniture. With more communal social furniture, opportunities for teamwork and collaboration may arise, and enhance overall productivity. With the “less is more” ideology in mind, Modu was designed with a minimal approach; using simple lines to create a pixelated definition of a sofa or chair. The form, inspired by the shape of volcanoes, which have simple yet recognisable forms – a conical shape with a flat top, is followed by thoughtful details to provide softness, flexibility and durability. Underneath the clean and monolithic exterior, the structure provides stability and comfort that goes beyond the conventional sofa.

There are 2 main components, the back rest and the seat. 6 upholstered modules form the basis of all seating configurations, with up to 4 upholstery variations in each. The design and dimensions of each module make it ideal to create diverse combinations of layouts

modu sofa in an open plan setting