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Dynamic Interactions 

A discussion is where two or a group of people get together to exchange ideas,
in order to reach a decision. It is a conversation about certain topic through
formal or informal debate, in order to explore solutions.

Most discussions take place in private rooms, while some informal ones are
held in opened areas. Discussion spaces come in different sizes, features and
are differently furnished to accommodate each purpose.

Type of Discussion Rooms

Meeting room- A meeting room is for less formal discussions, open for any group of people and for all types of discussions. It must be ideally configured for meetings to be effective, in order to meet objectives. It is important to plan a meeting room layout that corresponds to your needs.

Boardroom- A boardroom is a formal executive meeting place for directors of a company or organization. The room can be utilized for lectures, presentations, negotiations or brainstorming. It has ample space for comfort and visual presentations, with built-in over-head projectors, white board, flip charts and individual power sockets.

Conference Room- A conference room is used to hold conferences on certain subjects, conduct workshops, make company announcements, consultation, seminar and many more. It is equipped similarly to the boardroom, with added extras such as wired or Wi-Fi internet connections and individual microphones.