Where does “Stuff” live when everyone’s busy “desk hopping”

26 November 2018

Where does “Stuff” live when everyone’s busy “desk hopping”

As the trend is shifting towards more open office concept whereby everyone’s desk-hopping with no permanent place is a norm, how important is having your own storage at the workstation?

How can it make a space?

In this November’s issue focusing on how we can Work Better, storage systems can provide staff with confidence that their belongings are safe, improving morale and allowing them to focus solely on their job.

Providing Privacy and Accessibility
Because they can also be a divider

Encourages Efficiency and Organisation
Because it helps to put things away from sight
Saves Space and Money
Because real estate is expensive
Adding Value
Because when designed as a seat or when put away, they can improve collaboration and teamwork

Two Storage Options  

Store in Sight. Personalised
●Ample storage space
●Privacy for users
●Documents/items easily within reach
●Large Table size

Store away. Even the stress
●Maximised office with smaller footprint
●Efficient use of table space
●Collaboration between users


Project Highlights

A project in Penang, Malaysia featuring our highly adaptable Artiv, complemented with our Presa and Como Air chair to give the best comfort to the users. Our Keep storages complete the space while providing tidy storage solutions.


Head to our storage options for more info.

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