Kanye implies the art of improvisation. The solid linear table top is designed to display the visual effect of floating. The sight of the table top floating gracefully on the pedestals is undeniably Intriguing and aesthetically pleasing.

While fulfilling all your requirements for a perfect executive desking, Kanye can merely be one of your collectible furniture pieces due to its timeless and intelligent design

Study shows that sitting for extended periods of time can be bad for personal health. Combating sitting disease with added gym-time may not work: most people don’t have time for MORE exercise, and more exercise time may not even reverse sitting disease.

The key idea when developing sit-to-stand is to make a table system that facilitated the user’s work as much as possible but at the same time promote better blood circulation throughout the body by standing.

Standing all day may not be healthy or practical—people naturally want to sit at times to rest or when intensely concentrating.

Therefore the Kanye new sit-to-stand system will allows user to adjust the height of the table when required.