Totally new sitting experience

A newly designed chair which symbolizes the strength of our inner self. Inspired by the passion for design itself, so strong yet elegantly blended into our heart and soul, so intricate yet aesthetically presented by its sturdy and curvy physical appearance. With the futuristic design which transcends time, it will surely enhance the overall image of your office. Its breathable pattern backrest and seat design will definitely maximize the pleasant feeling while sitting on it.


Intuitive controls

Improve your arm resting position with Soul's 4D armrest. Simple intuitive controls allows you to easily adjust forward, backward, left, right, angled left and angled right. Its soft PU padding also provides comfortable support while ensuring ample space for your elbow.

closeup of armrest
closeup of lumbar

Ergonomic design

The lumbar support allows users to set their own comfort throughout the day. It helps to maintain the spine's natural curvature so your back is completely strain-free.

Armrest forward backward adjustment

Hold and slide the
armrests forward or backward to desirable position.

Armrest height adjustment

Lift the lever under the side of the armrests to adjust the armrests to desirable height

Lumbar height adjustment

To raise or lower, hold the lumbar support and position it to fit comfortably into the curve of your back

Headrest height adjustment

Grasp the headrest and move up or down to adjust height and rotate to adjust the angle

Tilt limiter

To engage, recline and push lever down to lock the tilting mechanism. To release, lift lever up and lean backward slightly to unlock the tilting mechanism.

Seat Depth adjustment

To move forward / backward, remain seated, left the back lever up and slide the seat.