Adaptable design

Simplicity of design, functionality and ergonomic adjustment are factors for enabling people to concentrate on the task in hand. Healthy sitting is, after all, the last thing that people should have to think about when they are working.

Sitting in “simplicity” thus became the basic idea behind the development of the Saya office chair. To design a chair that fulfils the diverse and complex demands made on an office chair in the simplest way possible. 

Saya chair is part of the Seating Array collection where user has the option to choose different type of armrest, mechanism and base.

Armrest adjustment

Allow user to adjust the armrests to desirable position.

Sliding seat

To move forward or backward, remain seated, press the lever up and slide.

Headrest height adjustment

Grasp the headrest and move up or down to adjust height.


Presa Soul armrest
  • Armrest up-or-down adjustment
  • Plastic or PU armpad
Saya armrest
  • Armrest up-or-down adjustment
  • Plastic armpad
Saya Soul armrest
  • Armrest up-or-down forward backward, angle adjustment
  • PU armpad
Lexa armrest
  • Fixed plastic


Flat seat
  • fabric, PVC
Bucket seat
  • leather


2013 mechanism 
  • Single locking
  • Seat depth adjustment
KT mechanism
  • 4 locking
  • Seat depth adjustment