As economies reopen and businesses start to return to their workplaces, preparing for the new normal has many considerations. Physical distancing norms, health and safety concerns as well as productivity are top of priority.

We understand navigating through this can be complicated, thus with our POST-COVID WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS, we have tried our best to keep it simple, balancing both long and short term strategies as an integrated solution.

Get in touch with our experienced consultants to understand the solutions available. We are here to help you navigate through this transition.

Our Approach
Our key design and user considerations in this collection: 


Flexibility & Comfort

Simple solutions that are able to adapt to the
organisations needs without sacrificing
comfort and quality.


Privacy & Mobility

New social distancing norms require more
enclosed personal space, but also the ability
to give occupants control of their space,
to interact and collaborate safely.

Safety & Hygiene

All materials assessed for cleanability, so that
the materials used will not be affected by
disinfection process.


Cost & Customisation

Simple, easy to install solutions with
big impact while balancing the need for   
cost efficiency during these times. 


ZONES Mobile Panels
Create private spaces seamlessly with mobile divider panels to create multi-functional spaces.


DECIBEL 43 Mobile Pods 

Acoustic personal mobile pods to create micro work spaces.


RADIAL Privacy Panels 
A simple vertical panels with rounded edges and different finishes to suit multiple applications.


SHIELD Polycarbonate Panels 
Polycarbonate vertical separators that define boundaries for separation, provides enclosure and shields adjacent occupants.


BRAVA Media Bench 
Height-adjustable media integrated divider with soft plush finishing.

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