Welcome To The World Of Digital Space Planning

10 December 2019, by"Bristol Technologies "

Configure, present and share your product solutions at point of sale

As an interior designer or architect, one of the main goals is to bring to life an artistic vision for a work or living spaces and seeing out a project from conception to creation.
With pCon (link to http://www.bristol.com.my/idea-space/planning-tools/), you can visualize different solutions, designs and provide additional product information immediately.

Experience Augmented Reality through pCon Box & pCon Facts



Choose a Bristol product, configure to your specifications and plan using augmented reality to see it live through the screen.

Download 2D/3D Model

Download CAD models in different formats (DWG, SKP, 3DS, etc.) into your plans.
Download & Watch tutorial video (link to http://www.bristol.com.my/idea-space/pconbox/)