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14 October 2019, by"Bristol Technologies"

A well-designed work environment affects the culture of the organization and the motivation of the workforce which will enhance the productivity of the employees. We’ve designed four different spaces to show how Bristol products can be integrated to create an office that not only looks good, but caters to the company's most valuable asset, its workforce.  
Inspire your workers and visitors alike through a well-designed office — both in terms of function and aesthetics.



The Green Office  

Adding elements of nature into a workspace have proven to have multiple positive effects[i], such as reducing stress and anxiety. Wall plants and adequate sunlight complemented with ergonomic furniture, translate into an overall happier and healthier workplace experience.


The Collaborative Hub 

The culture of collaboration and teamwork does not happen overnight, it often needs the right facilities and policies to encourage it to grow. Provide a cosy, mobile common area for face-to-face interactions to help enhance workplace conversations and discussions.


The Agile Office

Keeping your body moving, and having the flexibility to work in different environments is a necessary condition for most work places today.
To encourage mobility and movement, You can create informal discussion areas which can accommodate large groups of people or discreet discussion in private. Throw in height adjustable tables on top of the usual workstation to provide options to stand or sit during their task. (Tip: Standing meetings have been proven to be more focused and effective compared to regular meetings[ii])


The Executive Office

A space that will impress. Create an exclusive office with materials and finishes that are luxurious and sleek, but doesn’t sacrifice productivity or comfort.


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