8 Office Design Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out

23 April 2019


What’s in a brand?

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).
Beyond this, a brand also relates their values, personality, culture to their communities, both internally and externally. Big budgets are often spent on advertising, communications, product packaging design, visual identity but there is one area businesses commonly overlook - their own offices.
But why is it so much more important today to extend the brand to where you work?
Our employees are our best advocates, and the office design plays a big part in inspiring employees to work, play and live better. And all of this helps to create a more positive impact on clients, partners or suppliers who visit.
Here we present 8 office design tips to help build your brand experience from the inside out.


Tip # 1  Defining your values

Brainstorming, identifying and listing down your values. This may help in more ways than you think – it helps to define the brief, and refocus on the principles that are most important to your work which then can be translated to the physical space.


Tips # 2  Consider the overall layout

There is no one size fits all. The layout of your office has a big impact on the way your workers and clients perceive your values. No matter which office design concept is applied in your organization, whether the traditional cubicle or the in-trend open plan concept, they have a major impact on how the space feels to visitors and employees alike. You can also choose to integrate both. Full-height acoustic cubicles give users a sense of visual and acoustic privacy, crucial for deep thinking tasks where absolute focus and silence are needed. Consider other spaces for collaboration and large discussions, technology for the other open areas.


Tip # 3  Focus on key touchpoints for different audiences

Employees and clients may view your brand differently depending on the day to day nature of the business. Different ways of delivering the same message can be tailored in each area, so that there is consistency and relevance to the different audiences. An obvious client touchpoint would be the reception area, so this should reflect clearly what you do and who you are.


Tip # 4  Choose the right furniture and furnishings

The right selection of furniture and décor can go a long way in representing your company’s values. For example, it can make your office feel comfortable, professional, trustworthy, fun. Explore ideas for your office, and you don’t need to follow the usual or traditional definitions of your industry. Mix it up a little. Imagine a legal office with elements of a boutique hotel or an art gallery. Co-working spaces have been leading the trend by bringing lifestyle into the workplace with café culture, the warmth from home, and a fresh new perspective on how and where we can work better.



Tip # 5  Add a few of your own touches

Personalising your office can add a differentiating factor to your employees and clients, for example, thematic names for areas or spaces, or interesting shapes / profiles for panels for different areas. Here are some examples of how you could personalize furniture for your office featuring Decibel 43.

Various side profiles to further personalize Decibel 43.

Graphic stickers to give corporate identity. Printed on 3M Vinyl stickers.

Tip # 6  Provide for easy organisation of space

A clean desk and office is a clear mind. Regardless of business, your workspace organization is a reflection of you and can impact your business significantly – more space to work, less stress, better clarity of mind. Planning for a clean and organized space takes a bit of effort. Account for items that each individual will have, and make storage spaces to put them away from eye’s sight or add on accessories like multi-level shelves, caddies to keep personal items neatly away, a personal whiteboard, document organisers of varying sizes, rotating tables and filing shelves.
Tip # 7  Get a colour scheme going!

We won’t emphasise further on how important colour is to any space, but pay attention to the colours that relate to your brand, and values. Every colour has a function and when used in harmony, can create wonders for the space. Think about how you can incorporate it not just to the walls, but also to the furniture. If your staff works under pressure, consider a calming clear space. If creativity is in your core, consider more than just plain white walls.


Tip # 8  Plan for the future

If done right, your office design can boost your business for years to come. And that means you should also plan for changes, growth to happen. Modular furniture gives leeway for future changes and ensures the consistency of the design and brand. Consider the structural integrity of the furniture – look beneath the furniture to assess the sturdiness of the furniture. The difference between a piece of furniture that lasts 1 year and one that lasts 30 years is all in the details. Longevity and sustainability is key for every business, and it is one that is worth planning for.


Head to our idea space for more tips on designing your workspace.

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